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valhalla [2018]  on tour

On an icebound ship (the last one?) there is an organisation that tolerates no deviation or opposition. The captain tiredly watches over his crew and fears, no awaits, the mutiny that inexorably must take place. The heart of the empire beats feverishly and unevenly: The last breath of a civilization? A new dawn?
In a late coming spring we inspect the natural patterns and instincts of humankind. Do we keep coming back to the same dead ends? How can self centered people who feed their competitive instincts and egos maintain a democracy? Is there, within the nature of humankind, a clean and true sense of compassion that does not expect anything in return?

We witness six artists on stage, who describe their Valhalla with their acrobatic skills, their voice, their movement and a bagpipe.

" In Nordic mythology, Valhalla is a part of the kingdom of the gods to which the Valkyries lead the valiant warriors who died on the battlefield. (...) A visual enchantment with a scent of the end of the world. »

Estelle Spoto, Le FocusVif, 6 september 2018



Concept and direction : Anna Nilsson & Sara Lemaire

Created and performed by :  Joris Baltz - (Viola Baroncelli) & Thomas Dechaufour - Aliénor H. - Carlo Massari - Anna Nilsson - Jef Stevens


Light design : Thibault Condy assisté de Camille Rolovic

Sound design : Cristian Gutierrez / Tonin Bruneton

Technicians : Thibault Condy / Cristian Gutierrez /Tonin Bruneton
Set : Camille Rolovic / ASBL Devenirs - Latitude 50°, Petri Dish
Production : Petri Dish / I.S.E. asbl

Special thanks to Janne et Mia Nilsson

With the support of la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, service du cirque, Kulturradet/Swedish Arts Council, Konstnärsnämnden - the Swedish Arts Grants Committee


Coproductions :

Le Groupe des 20 Théâtres en Île-de-France  / Théâtre de la Balsamine / Theater Op De Markt – Dommelhof / Centre Culturel du Brabant Wallon


Partners :

Circuscentrum / Théâtre Marni / Cirkus Cirkör / Wolubilis / La Roseraie / Latitude 50° / Espace Catastrophe - Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque / Subtopia / Dansenshus /


Décor réalised by l’ATELIER, une formation à la réalisation de décors ( - 




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