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expiry date [2014] on tour

Expiry Date begins where life takes its final breath: in the last hour before we die.
On stage an old man.

With hands outstretched he reaches for the memories and the last minutes that are escaping him.  In the mechanical scenery around him, the failing time becomes palpable. A sandglass, an aquarium-tree, bullets and domino bricks mark both the beginning and the end of this abstract summary of a life filled with struggle and beauty. 

Expiry Date appears as an entanglement of emotions and movement, blurring the lines between past and present...

And through this semi-archeological retrospective, the despair grows that not a single memory or moment of passion is immune from oblivion.

Created & performed by :


Anna Nilsson

Thomas Hoeltzel

(originally created with Luis Sartori Do Vale)

Aliénor H.

Jef Stevens


Direction: Sara Lemaire, Anna Nilsson

Choreographical advise : Hun-Mok Jung

Light design : Philippe Baste

Stage management : Hugues Girard

Sound technician : Tonin Bruneton

Concept of scenography : Jan Nilsson, Anna Nilsson

Sound and scenography : Raimon Comas Franch

Set construction : realised by l’ATELIER, une formation à la réalisation de décors ( -

Dramaturgical advise : Bauke Lievens


Dramaturgische samenwerking in het kader van het onderzoeksproject Between being and imagining: towards a methodology for artistic research in contemporary circus, gefinancierd door KASK, School of Arts, Gent (BE).


Produced by BabaFish



Humorologie (BE), Theater op de Markt/Dommelhof (BE)


Creation residencies :

Subtopia, (Sweden), Theater op de Markt/Dommelhof (BE), La Balsamine (BE), Circuscentrum (BE), Latitude 50 (BE), Espace Catastrophe, Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque (BE), VormingsCentrum Destelheide (BE),

CIRKO Center for New Circus (FI)


With the support of :

Vlaamse Overheid (BE), Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, Latitude 50 - pôle arts du cirque et de la rue, Zomer van Antwerpen 



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